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Girl Scouts, Doll Clothes, Doll Furnitures and accessories, Vintage, Floral, Jewelry, Gifts, Ceramics, Flags...


Welcome To Handworks

Whether you buy hand made jewelry by local artists or repair one, we have over 50 artists who contribute to the store, flags section is the most popular in town we have all the seasonal and special occasion flags from birthday to bridal shower or the sports teams. So take a lunch break and browse the store gifts starts at $1.99

Buy Gifts

Your gifts will make someone special and happy so why not browse for it now, how about a doll clothes for your kids birthday? or maybe a garden sign for your front yard


Our vendors contribute great varieties of collectibles from photo albums of 70s to candle holders, purses, postcards, flatware, furniture, glassware, jewelries etc...


The vintage merchandise are antiques every piece talks about the past and describes how life used to be back then, most pieces will keep you thinking on the quality and art work etc...


Handmade jewelries just made for you, one of a kind unique designs. shop below, all with unbeatable prices.

We repair all kinds of jewelries some can be done right at your presence and some needs longer time for which we will discuss the available appointment and scheduling options. Bring your necklace, Bracelets, rings, wrist watches, anklets and more. repairing can be done for as little as $5.

You can ask for a jewelry polish and cleaning at the same desk.